The Supra Vantage® is a quantitative doctrine employed by the market elite.

Individual stocks and the stock market are naturally subject to extreme fluctuation. Moreover, these swings have been terribly difficult for experts and novice alike to predict or anticipate. History has proven that consistent performance is very elusive.

Money is always being made in the stock market, since money is made when stocks move up and down. If a person could determine critical data points, through quantitative methods and models, i.e. such as which stocks are moving or about to move, how long those stocks will move, in which direction the stocks will move, and how far the stocks will travel, they would have what the investor class has been seeking for the last 120 years. Such ability is an awesome, incredible concept.

Mankind once believed the world was flat. Doctors were oblivious to the transmission of germs and did not wash their hands between patients. Scientific speculation sometimes led to accusations of witchcraft followed by a prompt burning at the stake. This is the 21st century. We are living in an age where so many things that were once thought to be impossible by the informed elite are novel technologies accepted and believed by the layperson. Advances such as forensic science, organ transplants, organ regeneration, cellular phones, fax machines, 3D and holographic technology, cloning, battery powered cars, solar powered houses – the list of common and accepted beliefs once thought impossible continues.

For years it has been said the stock market cannot be beaten. For years it has been said that consistent over-performance is nearly impossible. How long would one think these schools of thought were going to stand before they fade into history just like the doctors that did not see the necessity in disinfecting between patients? The Supra Vantage® is a history-defying, revolutionary technology that masters the stock market, one of the most treacherous places on earth.



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