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Consistent superior performance has been the quest of market participants for centuries. The Venetians were trading and speculating in debt instruments as far back as the 1300s. Market participants of that period employed many methodologies in an effort to be profitable. Today it is still the same state of affairs. Presently there is a rainbow of philosophies about how to be profitable in the market. It is the topic of countless discussions. Billions of dollars are spent at schools, universities, and workshops. Thousands upon thousands of investors have been chasing behind all sorts of teachings and doctrines. Yet this quest for consistent superior performance still eludes the investor. This is now the 21st century; the code was bound to be cracked. The code has been cracked. The quest for superior performance has been narrowed down to four questions. 1)Isolation, 2)Timing, 3)Direction, 4) Distance. (ITDD) As described in the “methodology” section of this web site.

If one is to make immediate and consistent returns in the market the four questions outlined sums up the game of stocks. In short, if you know the answers to these questions nothing should stop you from making money. Do not get me wrong, this is not an oversimplified approach. Fundamentals, Technical’s, and News are very important in determining a plan of action. Nevertheless, everything leads to ITDD in one way or another. Many among you probably have not thought of stock analysis in these terms. However, the logic is simple, if you can retrieve the answer to the four questions you should be able to make money in the stock market.

There is no question. Those that properly employ the Supra Vantage® can do very well in the market. As the developer of the system I am now truly beginning to realize the absolute power. The profitable data points generated by the Supra Vantage® go on as far as the eye can see. We do things in the market with the Supra Vantage® I never dreamed possible. I am so excited because I am just getting started with many advances and improvements. It took me nearly a year of studying the Supra Vantage® output almost daily to believe it was real myself. So my feelings are not hurt when I run into skeptics. Nevertheless, the firepower of the Supra Vantage® is very real. Now it is time for me as a financial professional to consider some issues and make some decisions because I am watching my rivals grow weaker in the market as the Supra Vantage® grows stronger. I would like to hear from the readers. Please feel free to respond to some or all of the questions I am about to raise. I only ask the readers to put themselves in my shoes when responding.

I have asked myself these questions many times. How would my competition hold up if I pressed them to perform the same way the regulators pressed the Supra Vantage® during the surprise inspection of 2009? How aggressive should I be when competing with other financial professionals in the market place? Should I first offer competitors my help? What if they refuse? What if I can see how well they are performing and how much money they are making? What if they are making millions and turning in weak performances? What if I know my competitor’s customers are un-happy? How long do I wait for my competitors to accept my help? Should I simply compete in the light of day and just take accounts? Or should I show mercy and just wait for accounts to come my way? Should I allow for some sort of redemption if I do decide to take from my competitors? How do I form a proper policy that will allow the return/redemption of accounts once they have been taken? How should I set a standard to determine when I offer help to some rivals or just compete with others? What would be the criteria set in deciding to offer help or bring competition? These and many other questions I often ponder. The questions could go on endlessly. If there are any financial professionals that are viewing this web site please share your thoughts and responses to the some of the questions I ask. I would really like to get a feel for what is on everyone’s mind. The technology is now unleashed and we must all deal with it sooner or later. It is the natural evolution of knowledge. We are all at a critical juncture. Financial success and ruin is being weighed in the balance for us all. I hope and pray there are some among you who will come forward so we could have a fruitful dialogue that will lead to wholesome relationships.

Many of you are probably saying I should go show off the system and everything will take care of itself. That would be good if I had the time to do that sort of thing. I am heavily involved in research and development almost around the clock. There is much work to be done. If I put on all these road shows in an effort to drum up support I would not have time to carry on the research and development to the degree needed. Consequently, I am in a very difficult position. It is hard for me to approach my peers in the industry. Nevertheless, I have reached out from time to time to many of my peers in an effort to enlighten them. They usually do not believe what I say or they do not devote time to actually investigate the claims about the system’s performance. Nor do they give thought to the many possible applications. This is really disturbing when you consider how the public has begun to show contempt for the financial professional. You would think they would all be on a diligent search for legitimate advantages in the market. Most of them seem to be comfortable with simply hoping for the best. When they make a little money they want to be worshiped and paid top dollar, and when they fail they always have a fancy reason for why it happen and why they should still get paid top dollar. There has to be a way to reach them. I pray some common ground is achieved. It would be best for us all. The development of the Supra Vantage® is rapidly progressing. There are many improvements and modifications that will be made. These improvements will significantly increase the firepower of the system. I really do not want to become aggressive by taking accounts from my rivals. I will admit it is a temptation, and it does cross my mind quite frequently. Nevertheless, I would much rather support my competitors and become an ally rather than being a threat.

Well that is all I have to say for now. I hope to receive emails from the readers. I am interested in hearing the thoughts of those in the investment community.

Thank You.
And God Bless….


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