System History

Supra Vantage® History

The idea behind the Supra Vantage® was born out the desire of a man wanting to master the ferocious beast called the “ Stock Market”. Capital markets have been in existence in one form or another as far back as the crusades when Knights in armor were protecting the trail to Jerusalem. Fortunes have been made and lost, money changing hands over and over again. Decades have been coming and going, glory for some market warriors and horror for others. Here we are in the 21st century and the story has not changed. The market still brings glory to some and horror to others. Each day at the end of trading there are new casualties and new victors. This is the nature of the beast we call the Stock Market.

Going back to 1987 another player entered the arena. It was a young man setting out to master the market like so many before him. He began arming himself with a finance degree. He had a thorough understanding and belief in the traditional doctrines taught to him by the scholars of old. The young man knew a lot about finance but not nearly enough. Nevertheless, he set out to tackle the market by storm with his traditional doctrine.

So this young man became a financial professional riding the wave of the 1990s.
He would carefully study financial statements and charts, listen in on conference calls, keep in touch with investor relations all in an effort to stay ahead of the game. He discovered that no matter how good you are in the market you are never really good enough, one can never do enough homework, and one can never be fully prepared for what the market has in store.

But this young man was a fighter and he learned quickly. By now things are going pretty good for this young man. The NASDAQ is on a run, any stock with .com or e-com in the name was a sure winner. Then there was the tech stock crash. This young man along with many others in the market got hurt real bad. He picked himself up and got back in the game.

Before long he is riding high again doing his homework and keeping his head about him. Now came the era of accounting irregularities, earning misstatements, tainted analyst reports, and failed corporate governance. Once again the young man along with many others in the market got hurt real bad. At this juncture it became clear to the young man that traditional academic doctrines can easily fail in an environment of impropriety and miss-dealings, which many times unfortunately was the case in the stock market during that era. (Some say it still just as bad and the new laws have done little to level the playing field)

At this point in his career the young man had to look at the big picture. He started to consider all the weaknesses he found over the years in the traditional Technical and Fundamental schools of thought. He also saw on the horizon big trouble for the market and economy. He knew when the trouble started he would not be able to handle it. The young man had no choice. He had to look too a “HIGHER POWER” for answers. He saw the market as an adversary that would surly overtake him in time. He began to pray to the Almighty God for a weapon that he could use that would bring him victory. He began to bank on the promises contained in the Bible for those who believe. (St. Luke chapter 12, verses 29-31; Deuteronomy chapter 8, verse 18). Just as God gave Noah a master design for the ark (Genesis chapter 6, verses 11-17), God answered the prayers of this young man. In 2003 he was given the revelation for the specifications of the ultimate market weapon. He spent months looking for something that he could buy. He looked high and low. He did not come close to finding anything that could really help him do what he wanted.

Finally in the summer of 2004 he decided to build from scratch what he needed. December 2004 he had the first demo version of the Supra Vantage®. January 2005 the young man began to run the Supra Vantage®. From the very beginning it was clear that he had something very special. He began studying the output and formulating trading strategies. Starting in September 2005 he began recording the system’s results. From that point forward the young man was constantly modifying, recalibrating, and trading, using the Supra Vantage® system.

During the next couple of years he enjoyed the use of the system and lived a very relaxed life style. Nevertheless he continued research and development and seized all opportunities to reach out to his fellow financial professionals. He was always trying to share information. Most of them did not respond, or they did not believe. Very few even took time to seriously look at the data. The young man began to realize just how easy it would be to take business from his rivals. Strangely he felt sorry for his comrades because he remembered what it was like trying to navigate the market without the Supra Vantage®. The young man began to see his rivals as blind sheep he could have as a meal anytime he pleased. Fortunately for his rivals the young man had compassion and was pre-occupied with further development of the system.

In the fall of 2007 a team of economics professors at a world renowned university published an independent dissertation that reinforced much of the Supra Vantage® modeling and the theory that the market could be beaten. The young man had a chance to actually speak to the lead professor. They both compared notes. The professor was pleased to know that an actual practitioner was on the same path. Moreover the professor was not at all surprised at the types of alarms being generated by the system. This gave the young man a large boost in confidence. This was confirmation he was not alone in his belief that the market could be beaten. More importantly the university and publishing professors were of the highest caliber. Very, very few people in the world would be qualified to dispute their findings. They both agreed to keep in touch and to stay apprised as to one another’s efforts. Out of excitement the young man aggressively sped up his research and development efforts.

Those research efforts were timely because the fall of 2008 brought a real test. The stock market went into a violent tailspin. Many people got hurt. Many people ran from the market. Many financial professionals (including those that did not see any value in the Supra Vantage®) were afraid and confused. However, the young man saw this as a welcome opportunity to test the system. The young man attacked the market using the system from the end of September 2008 to December 2008. During this period the Supra Vantage® performed exceptional, better than anyone could have ever imagined. As a result the young man was rewarded well. This was a turning point. The young man fully recognized the Supra Vantage® as a mighty force to be reckoned with.

During the summer of 2009 came another serious test. Word had been getting around about the firepower of the Supra Vantage®. The securities regulators showed up for a surprise inspection. Their visit was triggered by a leak of some proprietary information. The information leaked was very sensitive and way over the top in what it was suggesting about the Supra Vantage®. The regulators wanted to make sure nothing was out of sorts. During the inspection the regulators ultimately insisted on a live trading demonstration. The Supra Vantage® alert accuracy rate during the demonstration was 86%. Since then, thank God, the regulators have not questioned the performance claims of the system. That was the day we declared the Supra Vantage® Champion of the stock exchange. The Supra Vantage® and this young man have been evolving at a geometric rate. Words cannot express what has taken place.

We now fast forward to the present day. The young man now understands that technical analysis and fundamentals are equally important but have several weaknesses. They both can play a vital roll to some degree in capturing returns. The young man now fully realizes the power of the gift given him by the Almighty God. He also realizes very few if any of his competing rivals can stand up to the Supra Vantage®. Now the young man must make some decisions. However, he is now reaching out to the readers of this web site in an effort to get feedback. He realizes he must make some decisions going forward, many people in many ways will be affected. He would like to be considerate. For this reason he is asking for the feedback and thoughts of the readers. (Especially those readers who are financial professionals) For now the young man has an open door policy.

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